January 1, 2020

IFP Exhibiton | Goeun BaeOf Whom The World is Not Worthy

Time: 4th Jan. 2020 – 14th Jan. 2020

Opening party: 4th Jan. 4pm

*Performance starts at 5:30 pm.

Location: Goethe Institut, 798 Art District Creative Square, Jiu Xianqiao Rd. No.2, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

This event is initiated by Institute for Provocation and hosted by Goethe Institut Beijing.

Institute for Provocation welcomes you to attend Goeun Bae’s exhibition “Of Whom The World is Not Worthy” together with a performance on 4th January at Goethe Institut’s Grey Box Project Space.

In this exhibition, Goeun Bae presents newly compl...

December 11, 2019

IFP Open Studio | Tim Woodward "8 Soups"

Time: 2019.12.14 (Saturday) 2pm - 6pm

Address: IFP Studio, Suit B7-4/F, 706 North 1rd St., Jiuxianqiao Rd (798 art zone),Chaoyang District, Beijing

Institute for Provocation is pleased to invite you to Tim Woodward's open studio event 8 Soups this Saturday afternoon.

8 Soups

One thing that brings me deep satisfaction is successfully coordinating travel arrangements for a single pork mince gyoza. The joy of marshalling warm snacks from one side of town to the other is unparalleled in my book. And I really don't care which method. Taxi is OK, or strapped to an...

October 18, 2019

Tim Woodward’s Presentation

Time: 2019.10.20 14:30

Address: 4/F, Suit B7-3A, 706 North 1rd St.,2 Jiuxianqiao Rd. (798 art zone),Chaoyang District, Beijing

We are thrilled to introduce our new residency artist Tim Woodward from Australia, he will stay with us from October to December.

Working across mediums with a strong focus on sculpture, Tim’s practice explores the concept of an ‘aspirational body’, a body manoeuvring the service economies and material cultures of our time. Through the production of video artworks and assemblage sculpture, his work uncovers new ways of thinking through objects a...

October 17, 2019

Liu Yaohua's Solo Show | The Placement

Opening: 2019.10.19 14:30

Duration: October 19 - December 1, 2019

Address: IFP Studio, 4/F, Suit B7-3A, 706 North 1rd St., 798 art zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing

We are honored to announcethat Liu Yaohua's solo exhibition The Placement is having its opening at IFP.

This is an exhibition that does not hold its common features, for the exhibition neither shows any specific "work", nor any creation on the behalf of "object" by the "artist". In this show, Liu Yaohua will use IFP as a space of every-day activities to present his reflections on order and our shar...

August 7, 2019

Mobile Theatre by Dai Chenlian

Time: 9th AUG 2019, 7pm - 8pm

Address: IFP Studio, Suit B7-4/F, 706 North 1rd St., Jiuxianqiao Rd

(798 art zone),Chaoyang District, Beijing

Institute for provocation is pleased to invite you to an one-night exhibition Mobile Theatre, a commissioned work by Beijing based artist Dai Chenlian.

This show starts with the concept of ‘mobility’, aiming for re-piecing together the forgotten and scattered points in time in context with the spatial condition of Institute for Provocation. Composing and editing the spatial relationships, physical situations and oral histories ge...

July 24, 2019

Michael Oppitz : How to make film in rugged mountains?

Time: 2019.07.26 Friday 7PM - 9PM

Address: Institute for Provocation, 4th Floor, ZUCZUG Space, B7-4A, 1st North Street, 798 Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Organizer: Moonchu Foundation

Imagine a ten days’ walk through Himalayan mountains; imagine heavy Arri film equipment as used in the late 1970ies; imagine a local society in which nobody has ever seen a film; and imagine a village with no electric light; … and you have the conditions for a film as indicated in the title.

The idea to make a film in such a remote place was generated b...

June 29, 2019

It is very difficult to be an island of perfection in a sea of misery, but please, do not doubt our sincerity

- notes on Simon Wald-Lasowski's works

Institute for Provocation welcomes you to our Artist-in-Residence, Simon Wald-Lasowski's exhibition opening at PPPP Space this Saturday.

Exhibition Duration: 29/06/2019 - 13/07/2019

Opening: Saturday 29.06, 16:00

Address: Room 306, Grey Office Building, No.256 Caochangdi, Chaoyang district, Beijing

*Opening time: Every Saturday 14:00-18:00

For other period please reserve by E-mail or phone at least one day in advance.


May 8, 2019

Monika Czyzyk’s Presentation

and IFP New Space Launch Party

Time: 2019.05.10 Friday - presentation starts at 7PM

Address: Institute for Provocation, 4th Floor, ZUCZUG Space, B7-3A,

1st North Street, 798 Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Institute for Provocation cordially invites you to our new venue to attend a presentation by Monika Czyzyk this Friday, 10th of May. At the same time, we are proud to announce the new IFP space. Please stay till late for our launch party!

IFP moved out of No.13 Courtyard in Heizhima Hutong last month and has just settled in ZUCZUG space in 798 Art District,...

March 29, 2019

Simon Wald-Lasowski’s Presentation

and Farewell to Our Courtyard

Address: Institute for Provocation. Heizhima No.13, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Time: 2019.03.30 Presentation starts at 4 pm, party till late

Institute for Provocation welcomes you to attend a presentation by Simon Wald-Lasowski this Saturday, 30th of March. Also, since IFP is going to move to a new venue soon, we would like to see all of you gathering and drinking together one more time in this lovely courtyard studio. Come to check out the presentation and the party!

Simon Wald-Lasowski (b. 1980, Paris) is doing a 6-month residency...

March 29, 2019

IFP New Exhibition | XIE Yi’s Project:V-Ray–Rehearsal for Reification

Opening Party: 10th March, 2019, 4pm

Exhibition duration: 2019.03.10 - 2019.04.08

Address: Institute for Provocation · Black Sesame Space. Heizhima No.13, Dongcheng District, Beijing

“A relation between people takes on the character of a thing and thus acquires a ‘phantom objectivity’, an autonomy that seems so strictly rational and all-embracing as to conceal every trace of its fundamental nature: the relation between people.”

—— History and Class Consciousness: Studies in Marxist Dialectics, Georg Lukács

This is nearly the funda...

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January 1, 2020

IFP 展览 | Goeun Bae “世外高人”

展期:2020年1月4日 – 2020年1月14日

开幕时间:2020年1月4日 下午4点

* 开幕表演下午5:30分开始


* 此次展览由激发研究所策划,歌德学院北京承办。

激发研究所诚邀您出席艺术家Goeun Bae在2020年1月4日歌德学院北京的灰盒子项目空间的展览“世外高人(Of Whom The World is Not Worthy)”的开幕。开幕当天有现场表演。

此次展览中,Goeun Bae将会在灰盒子空间里呈现她...

December 11, 2019

IFP Open Studio | Tim Woodward “八汤”


地址:激发研究所 | 北京市朝阳区798艺术区706北一街B7-4F,戳客戳客四层

激发研究所诚邀您于本周六参加Tim Woodward的开放工作室活动“八汤”。Tim Woodward是来自澳大利亚的驻留艺术家,他将于此次开放工作室中呈现其三个月驻留项目的成果。

 8 Soups (2019) 

8 chicken soups delivered to the rooftop of the gall...

October 18, 2019

Tim Woodward艺术家讲座

时间:2019年10月20日 14:30

地址:激发研究所 | 北京市朝阳区798艺术区706北一街B7-3A,四层

TV Insidse (Private Viewing), 2019

Endoscopy trolley, personal device or tablet, Netflix accountc

激发研究所很高兴介绍来自澳大利亚的新驻留艺术家Tim Woodward,他会在这里进行为期三个月(10月至12月)的驻留项目。


October 17, 2019

IFP新展 | 刘耀华:摆设


开幕:2019年10月19日(星期六) 14:30

地址:激发研究所 | 北京市朝阳区798艺术区706北一街B7-3A,四层




August 7, 2019


时间:2019年8月9日,下午7点 - 8点

地址:激发研究所办公室 | 北京市朝阳区798艺术区706北一街B7-4F,四层



July 24, 2019

Michael Oppitz讲座:如何在险峻的山地拍摄电影?

时间: 2019.07.26 (周五)晚7点至9点

地点: 激发研究所 | 北京市朝阳区798艺术区706北一街B7-4A戳客戳客四层

主办: 梦周文教基金会



June 26, 2019

展期:29/06/2019 - 13/07/2019

开幕:6月29日 (周六) 16:00

地址:PPPP空间 — 北京市朝阳区草场地国际艺术区256号灰色办公大楼306室

*开放时间为每周六14:00-18:00 其他时间段需至少提前⼀天邮件或电话预约预约电话:18519187728

“在不幸的海洋中造一座完美岛屿实属不易,但请不要怀疑我们的诚意”关于Simon Wald-Laswski 作品的一些琐记或许我们可以从对“污秽”的一些想法开始聊起。在最近一次与Simon的谈话中,他向我提及他大多数的作品都带有某种污秽的本质、被污秽...

May 8, 2019

Monika Czyzyk 艺术家讲座

    & 激发研究所新址揭幕派对

时间: 2019.05.10 (周五)讲座晚上7点开始

地址:激发研究所新址· 北京市朝阳区798艺术区706北一街B7-3A,戳客戳客/四层

激发研究所诚挚地邀请您于本周五晚造访我们的新空间,参加驻地艺术家Monika Czyzyk的讲座,以及激发研究所新址揭幕派对。

激发研究所已于4月上旬因不可抗力因素告别了黑芝麻胡同13号,接下来激发研究所将与art book in China(abC艺术书展主办方)为邻,一同进驻位于798艺术区的戳客戳客空间。


March 29, 2019

Simon Wald-Lasowski 艺术家讲座 & 告别黑芝麻胡同

时间: 2019.03.30(周六)



激发研究所诚挚地邀请您于本周六出席Simon Wald-Lasowski的艺术家讲座。与此同时,激发研究所因不可抗力因素即将告别黑芝麻胡同13号。Simon的讲座之后我们将在工作室和小院里举办派对。这将是激发研究所在现址的最后一次活动,我们已备好啤酒等您驾临!

Simon Wald-Lasowski(出生于1980年,巴黎)由蒙德里安基金会支持,正...

March 29, 2019

IFP 新展 | 谢燚个人项目:V-Ray成竹 – 具体的排演

开幕: 2019.03.10(周日)下午四点

展期:2019.03.10 - 2019.04.08




这几乎是商品结构本质的基础;也一直是谢燚创作中试图触及的问题 – 那些艺术实践中的“劳动”,被忽略的或是不可见的部分,构成了物...

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