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IFP Exhibiton | Goeun Bae “Of Whom The World is Not Worthy”

IFP Exhibiton | Goeun BaeOf Whom The World is Not Worthy

Time: 4th Jan. 2020 – 14th Jan. 2020

Opening party: 4th Jan. 4pm

*Performance starts at 5:30 pm.

Location: Goethe Institut, 798 Art District Creative Square, Jiu Xianqiao Rd. No.2, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

This event is initiated by Institute for Provocation and hosted by Goethe Institut Beijing.

Institute for Provocation welcomes you to attend Goeun Bae’s exhibition “Of Whom The World is Not Worthy” together with a performance on 4th January at Goethe Institut’s Grey Box Project Space.

In this exhibition, Goeun Bae presents newly completed video works in the Grey Box space, as well as some objects and origami sculptures scattered in the building of Goethe Institut. In one of the video works, the artist composes entangled questions about relationship with her father, socioeconomic issues, the political stance of the artist, and the direction of trivial life. The project originated from her memories of her father who loved watching Chinese martial art movies as a refuge for economic struggling in reality. In addition, She conducts an animal fairy tale performance for children focusing on animal movements, one of the characteristics of Chinese martial arts. In the performance, following the structure of "Talks at the Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art " and borrowing the tone of the communistic speech, the artist implies political stances with a twist of fairy imagination. This performance will be performed at the exhibition opening.

Bae has been working on research about martial arts during 6-month residency program at Institute for Provocation supported by Mondriaan Funds. She has traveled both as an observer and practitioner, witnessing the system and historical struggles of Chinese society through the research of Chinese martial arts.In addition to theoretical research, she is simultaneously conducting physical and mental research through the process of learning Wing Chun.


Goeun Bae (South Korea) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bae's visual art practice considers ideas in the manner of dismantling and reconstructing the ruling order observed in a minutely tuned society history. Bae's work discloses a personal story that reflects the vulnerable and unstable position of women in today’s society. Within her works, she stands as someone witnessing and concurrently caught up in the battle between the internal patriarchy and the external or social patriarchy. By using the body, she expands how the actual traces derived from human living are politically interconnected and transformed. Her works are realized in various presentation such as film, performance, object, sound and photography. Bae participated in a residency program of the Rijksakademie(2012-2013). She has presented her work in a variety of forms at venues including 27th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam EYE Film museum, FLAM V Amsterdam, Nieuwe Vide Haarlem, Galeria Vermelho Sao Paulo, Prospects & Concepts Art Rotterdam, Arko Art Center Seoul, ABA Salon Uferstudios Berlin and CCA Kitakyushu.


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