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Institute for Provocation (IFP) is a Beijing based independent art organization and project space founded in 2010. Combining the study of theory and artistic practice, IFP aims to combine cross-disciplinary knowledge and stimulate cultural exchange and production in a collective approach. IFP organizes and advocates various kinds of activities, including artist residency, research project, discussion, exhibition making, workshop, publication, etc. on the basis of considering the dynamics of the relationship of independent art space with the society.
激发研究所/Institute for Provocation (简称 IFP) 成立于2010年,是位于北京市中心的独立艺术组织和项目空间。通过理论研究和艺术实践的结合,激发研究所旨在以合作的方式联结跨领域的知识,激发文化生产和交流。基于对独立艺术机构在社会中的动态性的思考,激发研究所发起并支持多种形式的实践活动,包括驻地、项目研究、研讨会、展览、工作坊、出版等。
Through a wide network of artists, researchers and makers in China and beyond, IFP can provide intelligence to incoming residents and collaborators who themselves become part of the network. We reckon the interaction between practice of residence artists and IFP’s institutional practice are constantly in a relationship of mutual provocation, friction and cooperation. The IFP is an organism traveling at the speed of thought exchanges, exploring what art can be and do for wider range of viewers through its inputs and outputs.
激发研究所由在中国以及国际上不同的行动者、研究员和创作者组成其工作网络,并希望让驻地艺术家一同加入到这个网络之中。它的工作主要由艺术研究项目和艺术家驻地两个脉络构成。我们认为激发研究所的机构实践和驻地艺术家的个体实践始终处在一种相互刺激、碰撞与协调的关系中,而这也正是激发研究所知识生产、实践和批判的资源。激发研究所是一个以思想速度运转的有机组织, 通过其自身的输入和输出来探索艺术更多的可能性以及它能为更广泛的观众做些什么。



In 2010, Chen Shuyu (CN) and Els Silvrants-Barclay (BE) founded Institute for Provocation (IFP) in Beijing. IFP evolved out of Theater in Motion, a platform for performing arts projects originally established by Els Silvrants-Barclay in 2005, as an institute with the aim of supporting a range of cultural projects linked together by artistic research methods and multidisciplinary approaches. In 2011, the architect Max Gerthel (SE) joined the organization and contributed to IFP’s expansion with new partnerships, residencies and public events in the current location in the old city centre. After the opening its project space Black Sesame Space in 2014, IFP has become one of the city's established independent art spaces, producing a number of experimental exhibitions, performances and projects in collaboration with local and international artists every year.


Since 2017 Institute for Provocation takes the form as a collective consisting of Members:  architect/editor Chen Shuyu, filmmaker/art critic Song Yi, artist Hu Wei. Advisors: architect/designer/curator Max Gerthel, curator Els Silvrants-Barclay and curator/researcher/artist Umi; and more.



在2010年,陈淑瑜和Els Silvrants-Barclay(比利时)在北京创立了激发研究所。它由Els Silvrants-Barclay在2005年建立的运动剧场项目演变而成。作为一个旨在支持一系列与艺术研究和跨领域工作方法的文化项目。在2011年,建筑师Max Gerthel加入后,激发研究所扩展了新的合作伙伴,驻地项目以及公共项目。自2014年开启了其独立项目空间 — 芝麻空间后,激发研究所已经成为了一所成熟的独立艺术空间。它与中国及国际艺术家合作并每年提供多个实验性的展览、表演和项目。


自2017年,激发研究所将通过由IFP集体成员 (建筑师/策展人陈淑瑜、艺术家/艺术评论人宋轶、艺术家胡伟), IFP 顾问(策展人Els Silvrants-Barclay、策展人/研究员/艺术家由宓、建筑师/设计师/策展人Max Gerthel)等组成的新的合作方式开展工作。

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