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To Be Rich Is Glorious

Tudor Bratu



Reportedly, the famous words attributed to Deng Xiaopings were followed by: "but it is the gap between the rich and the poor which will determine the succes of the revolution." In 2011 Tudor Bratu spent six months in residency at the Institute for Provocation in Beijing. During this time he was mainly concerned with the question: "What is this China that everyone keeps talking about?" An attempt to answer this question was published in the form of an artists book which consists of of a selection of essays, photographs, drawings, jokes, contributions by other artists and interviews. Collaborators are among others Ai Wei Wei, Paper Tiger Studios, Shuyu Chen, You Mi, Ram Katzi, Gaia Perrini and a young CEO of the Beijing branch from one of the world's biggest investment consultancy company, and who would rather remain anonymous.


The Dissidents' Travel Guide, Artists' book, was released in 2014.


Tudor Bratu's website:


2011 Projects
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The Red House

Alyx Duncan


“Is home the place you are from, or what you carry inside you wherever you go?”


The Red House is the first feature film of Alyx Duncan. It is an intimate portrait of cross-cultural married couple Jia and Lee. While they share a great and enduring love, they have vastly different backgrounds and contrasting outlooks on life. When the time comes for Jia to fulfill her filial duties, the film follows Jia and Lee’s journey from their home of 20 years back to Jia’s homeland.


Alyx Duncan's website: 


Official website of The Red House:



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The Residence

Katleen Vermeir


Ronny Heiremans


The Residence is a new film project by artist duo Vermeir/Heiremans reflecting on the role and impact of the representation and mediatization of architecture in China's urban context, and its integration as an ideological tool in political and economic strategies. Starting from these reflections, Vermeir/Heiremans aim to develop a cinematic experimental narrative that shows the intertwining of art and value, life and economy in an original story that mixes fact and fiction. 



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IFP Sessions



The IFP sessions are a series of small-scale, dinner-party-like lectures curated by architect Max Gerthel in the IFP workspace in Beijing, with the aim to contribute to the wider discourse on art, architecture and design in China. For each session we invite someone to present their recent work, followed by a talk with other invited guests. Our ambition is to create a forum for artists, researchers and designers based in or visiting China, to share and discuss their work.


Ongoing project.


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