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IFP Open Studio | Tim Woodward "8 Soups"

IFP Open Studio | Tim Woodward "8 Soups"

Time: 2019.12.14 (Saturday) 2pm - 6pm

Address: IFP Studio, Suit B7-4/F, 706 North 1rd St., Jiuxianqiao Rd (798 art zone),Chaoyang District, Beijing

Institute for Provocation is pleased to invite you to Tim Woodward's open studio event 8 Soups this Saturday afternoon.

8 Soups

One thing that brings me deep satisfaction is successfully coordinating travel arrangements for a single pork mince gyoza. The joy of marshalling warm snacks from one side of town to the other is unparalleled in my book. And I really don't care which method. Taxi is OK, or strapped to an electric scooter, or under the arm of a sweaty nerve-battered cyclist boy. I'll call a Nutella crêpe on a journey as far'n' fast as can be, and I'll say "Bienvenue ma douce, you floppy little shit!" as it winds toward me like a heat seeking missile whispered into the night. I'll order 2 x Wood Ear fungus, travelling from a suburb I've never visited, just to have them arrive at my door hours later clothed in waxed paper, or sweating in their cracked doner boxes. Packaging is fearfully unpredictable. A head of steamed broccoli once arrived with a chilli oil sachet, stowed away like a vagabond thief! But we were glad (this one time only) to have the extra company, and said "Welcome welcome, rest your oily feet".

photo credit: 陈燕

Tim Woodward presents 8 Soups, a one day open studio event presented at the conclusion of a three month residency at Institute For Provocation. Utilising the studio and rooftop spaces of IFP, 8 Soups consists of two spatial and performative situations that engage with the ordering and transportation of objects. The live presentation of these new works reflect Woodward's ongoing engagement with platform economies, the accelerated movement of goods via real-time logistics industries, and the concept of an aspirational body. Through a time-based choreography of delivered food objects, Woodward poetically addresses the spatial codes of platform consumption and the material bodies they animate.

Incorporating real-time logistics industries, 8 Soups will unfold over the duration of four hours (2pm - 6pm), as a residency presentation that is both 'by-demand' and 'just-in-time'. In acknowledging IFP’s unapologetic resistance to auratic methods of display (the notable absence of white walls common to so many of its 798 neighbours), Woodward embraces the atypical exhibition spaces of IFP and treats the 'institute' as a kind of office headquarters, or depot. In this way his work engages with these spaces as administrative and social locations, spaces where objects can be sent to, or sent from.

The Day The Earth Stood Still (2019)

A Shan Song Delivery courier ignores objects in requisite of movement


Tim Woodward is an artist and writer living in Melbourne, Australia. He has presented numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia and internationally. Recent exhibitions include ARTJOG MMXIX Common Space, Jogja National Museum, Indonesia, 2019, Check Website For Details, Kuiper, Brisbane, 2019, Silent Aspiration, Outer Space, Brisbane, 2019 and TV Insides, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne, 2018. Awards include The Sainsbury Sculpture Grant, 2015, The Cité des Art Moyra During Studio awarded by The Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2013, the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant, 2012 and the Asialink Visual Arts Residency, 2010. Tim is represented in Australia by Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Sleeping Under a Motorcycle Not Sleepy (2019)

Single Channel HD video 4min14seconds (video still)


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