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IFP Exhibition + Opening Event | Ulrika Gomm: Horizon

Horizon Ulrika Gomm

Address: Institute for Provocation, Black Sesame Space (13 Heizhima Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

Opening Event

Event Horizon Ulrika Gomm, Dennis de Bel and Tessa Zettel

Friday 23 November, 7 – 10 pm

Exhibition duration

Open by appointment 24 – 29 November

Horizon (2018), a scheme which display all book titles, containing the words democracy and China from 1989 and onward, that are accessible for the public at the National Library of People’s Republic of China in Beijing. The National Library of People’s Republic of China is the largest library in Asia, with a collection of over 35 million items. These 76 book titles found (in September 2018) are arranged in chronologic order, in Chinese and a mirrored English translation, using the font Noto Sans. This font, belonging to the Noto font family, was commissioned by Google with the goal of achieving visual harmony across multiple languages/scripts.

In the gallery space, the Horizon scheme is made accessible with the Furniture for reading, a custom made table and cushions on the floor. On November 23rd a reading, Practise Horizon, will take place in the installation, in both Chinese and English, using the book titles as material for a new composition.

Research and translation have been made by Dakota Guo.

With support by IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's international programme for Visual and Applied Artists.

Event Horizon Ulrika Gomm, Dennis de Bel and Tessa Zettel

Opening Event Horizon: Friday 23 November, 7 – 10 pm

A collective night of readings in the spaces of IFP by Ulrika Gomm, Dennis de Bel and Tessa Zettel. With hot toddies and cozy corners.

At 8 pm Ulrika Gomm will present Practise Horizon, performed in English and Chinese (with Dakota Guo) in the installation at Black Sesame, using the book titles as material for a new composition.

In the courtyard, Dennis de Bel will guide our gaze towards a curious geostationary object in the sky.

In the ifp studio space, Tessa Zettel shares miscellaneous readings from unfinished encyclopedia The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge and its ancillary Extinction Club Reading Group.

Stay on afterwards to peruse various publications by all three artists in a special cosy cat corner of the studio.


About the Artists

Ulrika Gomm works as an artist, based in Stockholm (SE), interested in examining societal systems, authorities and social boundaries; which takes form in a hybrid of text, such as printed matter, readings, and various forms of imagery, such as documentary video and animations. Gomm is constantly searching for different forms to meet and exchange knowledge; workshops, publications and other meeting-sites.

By bringing together various pieces of text taken from sources including government inaugural speeches, self written poetry, thoughts and words from colleagues and friends, Gomm is opening for reflections on the individual and the nation, the citizen and the community. By reworking language, a shift of meaning might occur, in the reader, listener and writer, resulting in potential new dreams, visions and actions.

Dennis de Bel (callsign: PD0WNED) works with software, electronics and various forms of waves. By hands-on (im)practical research and workshops he attempts to grasp the larger socio-economical realities embedded in our often taken for granted, everyday technology. During his residency, he listens to the radio and visits places where technology gets conceived and goes to rest, if ever.

Tessa Zettel is an Australian-born artist and writer working in various collaborative forms to imagine and enact other ways of living. Her projects make undisciplined use of mapping, drawing, self-publishing, reading, exchanging, pickling, walking etc. within a kind of fabulist archaeology that recovers overlooked cultural practices or knowledge and repurposes them towards speculative, more-than-human ends. | | | | IFP project:


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