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Ulrika Gomm (b.1978) work as an artist, based in Stockholm (SE), interested in examining societal systems, authorities and social boundaries; which takes form in a hybrid of text, such as printed matter, readings, and various forms of imagery, such as documentary video and animations. Gomm is constantly searching for different forms to meet and exchange knowledge; workshops, publications and other meeting-sites.


By bringing together various pieces of text taken from sources including government inaugural speeches, self written poetry, thoughts and words from colleagues and friends, Gomm is opening for reflections on the individual and the nation, the citizen and the community. By reworking language, a shift of meaning might occur, in the reader, listener and writer, resulting in potential new dreams, visions and actions.

​​Ulrika Gomm,1978年生,是一位常驻斯德哥尔摩(SE)的艺术家。Gomm对于考察社会制度、权威以及社会界限感兴趣,并将考察的成果以文本的混合形式呈现,例如印刷品、朗读;或者呈现为各种形式的图像,例如记录影像和动画。为了获取和交换知识,Gomm不断探索不同的形式:工作坊、出版物以及其它的对话场所。


通过汇集从政府就职演说、个人诗作、同事和朋友的思想和文字中摘取的文本,Gomm开启了对个人和国家,公民和社区的思考。 通过重新改造语言,一种意义的转变可能在读者、听者和作者身上发生,从而产生潜在的新梦想,愿景和行动。



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