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Tessa Zettel is an Australian-born artist and writer working in various collaborative forms to imagine and enact other ways of living. Her projects make undisciplined use of mapping, drawing, self-publishing, reading, exchanging, pickling, walking etc. within a kind of fabulist archaeology that recovers overlooked cultural practices or knowledge and repurposes them towards speculative, more-than-human ends.


Tessa is co-founder of micro-publisher Cloudship Press and is active in group ventures Collective DisasterWeathering, (no)action(no)space, Plan Bienen, Making Time and The Librarium. She has exhibited at ANTI Festival of Contemporary Art (Kuopio, Finland 2012), Performance Space (Sydney 2013), Artspace (Sydney 2014), Art Laboratory Berlin (Berlin 2015), Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart 2016), Muca-Roma (Mexico City 2017), Nida Art Colony 8th Inter-format Symposium (Nida, Lithuania 2018) and Treignac Projet (Treignac, France 2018). Earlier site-based work made with Makeshift was shown in such places as the 5th Auckland Triennial (Auckland 2013), 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Sydney 2010) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney 2010 & 2011).


Tessa Zettel是一名澳大利亚籍艺术家及写作者,她广泛地参与了不同形式的合作图像创作也担任一些其他角色。她的项目跨领域地运用了地图、绘画、独立出版、阅读、交换、腌渍、行走等手段。通过一种神话考古,寻回了被忽略的文化实践或知识,并将其重塑出推测性的、超越人类的结局。


Tessa是微出版社Cloudship Press的联合创始人,并积极参与集体性的探索,例如“集体灾难”,“风化”,“(无)行动(无)空间”,“计划Bienen”,“制作时间”和“图书馆”等项目。她曾在ANTI当代艺术节(2012年芬兰库奥皮奥)、表演空间(悉尼2013)、艺术空间(2014年悉尼)、柏林艺术实验室(2015年柏林)、Akademie Schloss Solitude(2016年斯图加特)、穆斯卡-罗马(墨西哥城2017),Nida Art Colony第8届Inter-format Symposium(奈达,立陶宛2018年)和Treignac Projet(Treignac,法国2018年)等多处展览。早期与Makeshift合作进行的基于地点的创作曾在第五届奥克兰三年展(奥克兰2013)、4A当代亚洲艺术中心(2010年悉尼)和当代艺术博物馆(2010年和2011年悉尼)等地展出。




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