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IFP Session - Slow silk road, networks and denationalistic imaginaries by Mi You

Image: Royce Ng, Kishi the Vampire, performance, 2016

We warmly welcome you to join our session on 28th of March 'Slow silk road, networks and denationalistic imaginaries' by Cologne based Chinese scholar and curator Mi You.

The talk centers on Mi You’s long-term research dedicated to the silk roads, which encompasses as much historical review of trade and cultural transfers, as contemporary geopolitics in Asia. An analytical lens of desire with a deep-historical, yet post-nationalistic perspective treads together both medieval decentralized trade networks and late capitalistic networks. Under this light, Mi will examine the recent work of Royce Ng exploring Japanese puppet regime Manchukuo based on transnationalist principle and the syncretic capitalistic system Japanese governor Nobusuke Kishi exercised there, which has later reshaped or influenced post-war economy and politics of Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and eventually China. With a speculative leap, her research looks into the geobody of the silk roads and the possibility of a ‘slower Silk Road’, envisioned by French anarchist geographer Élisée Reclus. More than projecting the human into geological times, it is a call for letting the geo-movements infuse ourselves, not unlike the proposal of Kyoto School thinkers.

Image: Royce Ng, Kishi the Vampire, performance, 2016

Time and location:

Tuesday, 28th March at 19:00

@IFP Studio

Hei Zhima Hutong 13, Dongcheng District,

Beijing, 100009

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