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You Mi 由宓

You Mi is a Beijing-born curator, researcher, and academic staff at Academy of Media Arts Cologne, where she lectures on arts and media theory with a social-political, transhistorical and transcultural perspective. She has worked as curator of artistic research projects that were shown in Shenzhen/Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (2007), Istanbul Design Biennale (2012), Lisbon Triennale and Athens Biennale (2013), v2_lab for the unstable media (2015), SAVVY Contemporary (2016), among others.  


Her long-term research and curatorial project takes the Silk Road as a figuration for deep-time, deep-space, de-centralized and nomadic imageries. Under this rubric she has curated a series of performative programs at Asian Culture Center Theater in Gwangju, South Korea and the inaugural Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival, Mongolia (2016). A current iteration of this research concerns Northeast Asian modern and transnationalism in the early 20th century.


Her academic interests are in performance philosophy, science and technology studies, as well as philosophy of immanence in Eastern and Western traditions. Her writings appear on Performance Research, Kaleidoscope, MaHKUscript: Journal of Fine Art Research, publication of Sharjah Art Foundation and Asian Culture Center, among others.


She is fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany), Zentrum Paul Klee (Switzerland) and Independent Curators International (New York).

由宓是来自北京的策展人,研究员,现在科隆媒体艺术学院任助理教授。她的授课方向是跨历史,跨文化视野下的艺术和媒介理论。她参与的艺术及研究项目曾展出于深圳香港建筑与城市双年展(2007年),伊斯坦布尔设计双年展(2012年),里斯本三年展,雅典双年展(2013年),v2(2015年),SAVVY Contemporary(2016年)等等。

她的长期策展与研究课题以丝绸之路作为一种deep-time, deep-space,去中心化以及游牧精神的象征。在此框架下她策划了韩国光州亚洲文化文化中心剧场开幕季的一系列表演项目,以及蒙古乌兰巴托首届媒体艺术节(2016年)。她最新的分支研究着眼于东北亚的现代性以及20世纪初的跨国往来。

她的学术研究课题包括表演哲学,科学与技术的人文社会学研究,以及东西方哲学传统中的内在性哲学。她的论文及文章见于Performance Research, Kaleidoscope, MaHKUscript: Journal of Fine Art Research,沙迦艺术基金会以及亚洲文化中心的出版物,等等。

由宓是洪堡学者(德国),保罗·克里中心(瑞士)及Independent Curators International(纽约)奖学金获得者。

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