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IFP Session - Kasper Hesselbjerg's Talk

We warmly welcome you to join our artist talk by Danish artist Kasper Hesselbjerg.

On Saturday 25th February IFP will host a public artist talk by Kasper Hesselbjerg who is currently doing artist in residency from January to July.

Kasper Hesselbjerg is doing a research project on aesthetic experience and how it is related to “sensorous knowledge”, a knowledge that differs from the hegemonic academic or positivistic knowledge that we usually refer to when we talk about knowledge.

A part of his work includes exploring and developing a theoretical ground for understanding this kind of experience and knowledge. A point of departure is the French philosopher Michel Foucault’s notion of “Care of the Self”. Another part of his work concerns the actual “doing” as opposed to thinking about it. It includes on one hand searching for examples and on the other hand making examples, i.e. developing a praxis for experiencing and acquiring this diffuse knowledge himself.

During his stay in Beijing Kasper will be looking into the Chinese culture of food as an obvious example of an object closely related to both the senses and a symbolic and cultural order. Tea culture serves as another favourite example by linking the most simple cultural object, a leaf in water, with a set of philosophical principles, or a way of life.

Saturday February 25, 6 pm

@Institute for Provocation

Heizhima Hutong 13, Dongcheng district 100009, Beijing

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