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Kasper Hesselbjerg lives and works in Copenhagen. For several years he has been working with sculptures, collage, and language in the pursuit of questions on the meaning of objects, and how these meanings might affect our everyday lives. He has been working with the practices around objects such as food and tea. Food has served as an example of an object which has to be encountered with both the senses and the thought to be fully grasped. His latest published books are Cornflakes and other Specific Objects, which poses a sculptural theory on food, catastrophe theory, and Salad fever, a meditation on the role of imagination in the experience of objects. He is also the founder and editor of the publishing house emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten with Absalon Kirkeby.

Kasper Hesselbjerg 生活、工作在哥本哈根。近几年来他一直在利用雕塑、拼贴、和语言追求对象的意义的问题,以及這些物品如何影响我们的日常生活的。他开展研究的课题包括食品和茶。 当食物服务做为一个例子,就像与一个物体相遇, 其感觉和想法需要完全掌握。他最新出版的图书《玉米片和其他特定物体》就是展示其雕刻理论在食物、突变论和沙拉狂之间,冥想在物体经验中被想像成的角色。同时他还和Absalon Kirkeby创建了一家名为emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten的出版社并担任编辑的工作。





Kasper Hesselbjerg

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