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Zheng Bo 郑波

Weed Party


What roles did plants play in modern Chinese politics? How should we work with plants to reinvent politics so we can move beyond the Anthropocene? I have been investigating these questions in my practice over the past five years, through a series of artworks realized as plant-based installations, ecosexual films, and public workshops. I will present a few artworks and share a few ideas.



Zheng Bo is an artist, writer, and teacher from Beijing, currently based in Hong Kong. Zheng is committed to socially and ecologically engaged art. He investigates the past and imagines the future from the perspectives of marginalized communities and marginalized plants. He has worked with a number of museums and art spaces in Asia and Europe, most recently TheCube Project Space (Taipei), Power Station of Art (Shanghai), and Villa Vassilieff (Paris).

More about his practice:








鄭波是一位藝術家、研究者、教師。他在北京長大,現在香港工作和居住。他專注于社會性、生態性藝術實踐,同邊緣人群及邊緣植物一起探索歷史、想象未來。他曾與多家美術館及藝術空間合作,包括台北立方計劃空間、上海當代藝術博物館、巴黎Villa Vassilieff 等。


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