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Yoeri Guépin (b. 1983, NL) works with installations, (lecture) performances and collaborative
research projects in which various archival materials are re-contextualized. By introducing new
narratives, he attempts to constitute new social relationships within knowledge production. Central
to the work are questions of translation, in particular the communication of knowledge between
different cultures, sciences, fictions and facts. His work has been exhibited at W139 Amsterdam,
ENSAPC YGREC Paris, Ormston House Gallery Limerick and TENT Rotterdam, and he has
delivered lectures at a variety of institutes. Guépin holds an MA from the Dutch Art Institute, he has
participated in residencies at Meetfactory Prague, LEOXIII Tilburg and will be working at the
Institute for Provocation in 2018.


Yoeri Guépin(生于1983年,荷兰)主要通过装置,(演讲式)表演和合作的研究项目进行艺术创作,在其作品中各种档案资料被再次语境化。 通过引入新的叙述,他试图在知识生产中建立新的社会关系。这项工作的核心是翻译问题,特别是不同文化,科学,小说和事实之间的知识交流。 他的作品曾在W139阿姆斯特丹,ENSAPC YGREC 巴黎,Ormston 的利默里克画廊和TENT鹿特丹展出,并在多个机构发表演讲。 Guépin拥有 Dutch Art Institute 的硕士学位,他曾在位于布拉格的Meetfactory和LEOXIII Tilburg的驻留工作,并将于2018年在激发研究所工作。



His exhibition in IFP:

Afterlives / 转世

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