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Song Yi 宋轶

Song Yi is a curator, writer and filmmaker.


He is one of the founders of the Migrant Workers Video Collective as well as is the founder of “Bloom 绽” curating collective for contemporary urban planning. He is currently the artistic director of the independent art space Institute For Provocation. From 2013 - 2017, he served as the senior editor of LEAP Magazine, a leading bilingual magazine dedicated to contemporary Chinese art. From 2008 - 2012 he was the Head of Exhibitions at Long March Space gallery, where he coordinated the “Ho Chi Minh Trail” project.


宋轶,策划人、写作者、影像作者,独立空间“激发研究所”运营者之一,新工人影像小组发起人之一,“Bloom 绽:艺术与建筑集体策展小组”发起人之一。

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