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Liu Yaohua's Solo Show | The Placement

Liu Yaohua's Solo Show | The Placement

Opening: 2019.10.19 14:30

Duration: October 19 - December 1, 2019

Address: IFP Studio, 4/F, Suit B7-3A, 706 North 1rd St., 798 art zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing

We are honored to announcethat Liu Yaohua's solo exhibition The Placement is having its opening at IFP.

This is an exhibition that does not hold its common features, for the exhibition neither shows any specific "work", nor any creation on the behalf of "object" by the "artist". In this show, Liu Yaohua will use IFP as a space of every-day activities to present his reflections on order and our shared experiences of border---a field of reality that is beyond the reality and a land of order that is beyond the order.


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