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Mobile Theatre by Dai Chenlian

Mobile Theatre by Dai Chenlian

Time: 9th AUG 2019, 7pm - 8pm

Address: IFP Studio, Suit B7-4/F, 706 North 1rd St., Jiuxianqiao Rd

(798 art zone),Chaoyang District, Beijing

Institute for provocation is pleased to invite you to an one-night exhibition Mobile Theatre, a commissioned work by Beijing based artist Dai Chenlian.

This show starts with the concept of ‘mobility’, aiming for re-piecing together the forgotten and scattered points in time in context with the spatial condition of Institute for Provocation. Composing and editing the spatial relationships, physical situations and oral histories generated by the mobilized performers/objects and the unexpected sounds, the artist would like to invite the viewers to an one-act textual performance led by time and actions. In this sense, the work transforms a performance into an experienceable exhibition, and the performance is embodied into a mobile audiovisual trajectory. Its mobility unfolds a certain psychological state and a historical narrative, and thereby defreezes the time-space fragment from point A to point B.

Dai Chenlian, artist, theatre director. Born 1982 in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province. 2004, Graduated from China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China. Began to make art since 2006, focusing on the medium of theatre and painting.

"Since I was a student, I have been solving my own problems through performances. In the early days, I was treating my own psychological problems, adjusting my personal perspectives towards the world step by step, and reducing my deep psychological inferiority caused by my physical and mental issues. Gradually I reused the difficulties and limitations in this series of actions to establish the methods of works. We are all afraid of mistakes and limitations, as well as errors of languages and bodies. I developed my own artistic practice from mistakes by recording and repeating every mistake, so that to create an overlap of languages. I would break all the theater elements - story, action, sound, lighting, composition, posture, etc. into the smallest unit, to directly present the state, process and action of the mind, let the space structure, light, dictation, video, shadow play, recitation, instrumental music, and dance form a composite interaction. Since 2007, I have continuously launched several projects such as art theaters, family theaters, rack theaters, etc. In the category of contemporary art, constantly broadening the division and thinking territory, I have moved the ordinary stories of small people, news events and other scenes into the works, unfolding the narration and imagination of the world, and recording the emotions and events that are obscured by the era of social transformation, as well as the changes in the costs and fates that ordinary people have to bear."

Dai Chenlian


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