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Monika Czyzyk’s Presentation and IFP New Space Launch Party

Monika Czyzyk’s Presentation

and IFP New Space Launch Party

Time: 2019.05.10 Friday - presentation starts at 7PM

Address: Institute for Provocation, 4th Floor, ZUCZUG Space, B7-3A,

1st North Street, 798 Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Institute for Provocation cordially invites you to our new venue to attend a presentation by Monika Czyzyk this Friday, 10th of May. At the same time, we are proud to announce the new IFP space. Please stay till late for our launch party!

IFP moved out of No.13 Courtyard in Heizhima Hutong last month and has just settled in ZUCZUG space in 798 Art District, neighboring art book in China (the organizer of abC Book Fair).

IFP continues to organize and advocate various kinds of activities, including artist residency, research project, discussion, exhibition making, workshop, publication, etc. Meanwhile, in response to the relocation, we are to embrace the new dynamic of our institutional practice. Through a wide network of artists, researchers and makers in China and beyond, we reckon the interaction between practice of residence artists and IFP’s institutional practice are constantly in a relationship of mutual provocation, friction and cooperation.

For our first event in the new space, we are thrilled to introduce Monika Czyzyk, who is doing a 3-month residency (April - July) sponsored by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Monika Czyzyk (b.1989, PL) relocates and participates in hybrid socio institutional formations seeking out topics and materials created within these collaborative communities and later translates them into forms of moving image, installation, photographs, performance. Her research interrogates the changing face of alienation in contemporary society and global communities of women. She has been experimenting with various forms of moving image. Her experimentations with the camera tend to culminate in short films that oscillate between fiction and documentary.

Monika will present selection of her works, recent fascinations and current research at IFP. Guiding us through a process of few recent projects and screen selection of her video works, among BOdyssey and Monstersweet. Scroll down to see the description of the film BOdyssey Prologue 2017.

BOdyssey, is an experimental multimedia project that features global female participants and asks them to speculate on a variety of subjects including 21st century feminism, politics, family, media art, technology and the advancement of post-human kind. The device at the center of the video collaboration is a toy camera: the Videogirl. Videogirl is a 2010 special edition Barbie doll with a video camera and playback unit embedded in its body. Monika uses Videogirl for its symbolic content and as an actual recording device. The film intends to build upon the role of re-imagined female characters in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. This seminal work constitutes the stepping stone for Astronaut Barbie’s quest into the future of the human species. During filming she meet fascinating women, either professional filmmakers or everyday heroines, of diverse cultural origins and unusual perspectives on life. They were invited to participate in the project by providing them with their own Video Girl and the request to film their unique viewpoints, stories and personal perspectives of the times we are living in.

Monika Czyzyk was a resident of African Artist Foundation in Lagos/Nigeria and Signal Culture in Owego/NY. Her videos have been screened at WRO 2017 Biennale: DRAFT SYSTEMS, Wroclaw/Poland, Union Docs NYC/NY, November Film Festival, London/UK, EMAP 2016: The 9th Ewha International Media Art Presentation, Seoul/SK.


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