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Simon Wald-Lasowski’s Presentation and Farewell to Our Courtyard

Simon Wald-Lasowski’s Presentation

and Farewell to Our Courtyard

Address: Institute for Provocation. Heizhima No.13, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Time: 2019.03.30 Presentation starts at 4 pm, party till late

Institute for Provocation welcomes you to attend a presentation by Simon Wald-Lasowski this Saturday, 30th of March. Also, since IFP is going to move to a new venue soon, we would like to see all of you gathering and drinking together one more time in this lovely courtyard studio. Come to check out the presentation and the party!

Simon Wald-Lasowski (b. 1980, Paris) is doing a 6-month residency (Jan. - Jun.) supported by Mondriaan Funds. He collects, studies and mocks the iconography of images, objects and signs that are so prevalent in contemporary society. Simultaneously, his multiform practice conveys a genuine love for disdained tacky gadgets and obscene curiosities, which he obsessively hoards.

A flaneur at heart, he stumbles across his ‘palette’ of objects by chance. Through visual associations, d.i.y modifications and assemblages, objects become actors in his satirical subversive installations. Seducing the viewer with catchy colourful aesthetics, Wald-Lasowski confronts us to absurd issues of the human condition and to the enormous underbelly of our morbid consumerism.

For his presentation, Simon will present his recent fascinations and current research at the IFP, guiding us through the process of a few recent projects and screen his film Dusting off / Shiny Nails. Dusting off restages an inaccessible object, Tacita Dean’s 2011 Manhattan Mouse Museum. Dean’s 16mm film, only exhibited in strict viewing conditions and unavailable online, takes a glimpse into the world of artist Claes Oldenburg as he tends to an assembly of small rarities, objects and artworks.

Basing his ‘re-imagined’ version on a few still images of Manhattan Mouse Museum, Simon aims to channel the tender and intimate attention Claes Oldenburg exhibited towards his objects by interacting with his own personal collection of curiosities. Dean’s fetish for grainy 16mm film has been here replaced with fetish for crisp 4k plasticity.

Last but not least, time is flying, after spending an amazing 8 years at Heizhima Hutong, unfortunately IFP has to move out. We will announce our new address soon and there will be more events turned up. We look forward to the next step and hope to see you on the 30th!


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