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IFP New Exhibition | Wang Jun Solo Project: Three Days and Nights (Beijing)

Wang Jun

Three Days and Nights (Beijing)

Opening:2018.9.2, 14:00

Time:2018.9.2 - 9.30

Address: Sesame Project Space, 13 Heizhima Hutong, Chaoyang District, Beijing

You are very much welcome to visit, study, work, play games three days and nights (2018.8.30 - 9.1) ahead of September 2nd.

You can come anytime. During that three days and nights, a series of accidents is expected. Like a jailed soldier in Athens left graffiti in caves, then recited a comedy. A man keeps mumbling, ‘I only gag, talk bullshit, if possible, I would very much like to have your attitude.’ Taoism gods in Wanshou Palace wandering in fogs and vapors... Candidates for the best performer of the year is open to all criticism…

The remains, leftovers of this project will be recycled in the next Three Days and Nights project in other venues.


About the Artist

Wang Jun, born in 1974 in Chongqing, graduated from the Department of Printmaking of Sichuan Fine Art Institute with BA (1999) MA (2005). He was in artistic residence at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in Manchester, United Kingdom (2010) and in Dusseldorf city of Germany. He mainly works in painting and installation. He sees painting as a lexicon, a neutral object. His painting creates a situation where the desire of seeing is constantly obstructed in the contested alternation of concealing and unveiling.

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