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IFP Residency | Performance: Me + Beijing

TIME:23.06.2018 – 24.06.2018


Producer: Goethe-Institut China

Conception and Implementation: Tarik Goetzke and Anna Kubelík

Production: Goethe-Institut China

Partner:Institute for Provocation (IFP)

Voice:Huining Zhang, Jiahuai Zhang

Assistant:Dakota Guo(IFP)

Language:Chinese and German

Time:23.06.2018 – 24.06.2018, 1pm - 5pm, performance in every 20 minutes, 5pm - 6pm, post-show artist talk

Duration of Performance: 12 mins and 12 participants for each performance

Free Entry

During a residency in Rome, performing artist Anna Kubelík and Tarik Goetzke joined hands to create "Me + Rome", a work that explores the founding myth of Rome. Following the successful cooperation in Rome, the two have been researching into history and myths related to Beijing during their three-month residency here. Based on the story of the eight-armed deity Nezha, they develop an immersive audio-visual performance "Me + Beijing." The project is fully funded by Goethe-Institut (China).

The show will last 12 minutes per round and for each round, 12 participants are invited to join. Receiving the voice recordings from the headphones, participants will be able to experience the show from the perspective of one of the protagonists in the saga.

The artist duo in rehearsal

About the Artists:

From 2009 to 2014, Tarik Goetzke studied theatre direction at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. From 2012 to 2015, he was an assistant director at the National Theatre Mannheim. In 2014, his work 'Hurenkinder Schusterjungen’ was invited to Munich Volkstheater’s festival of young directors 'Radical Jung 2014'.

Anna Kubelík graduated from Architectural Association in London in 2004. Now she works as a freelance artist and has collaborated internationally with dancers, composers, directors and scientists, as well as educational, research and cultural institutions. She participated in various residency programs, most recently at the Academy Schloss Solitude and the 'Villa Massimo' in Rome.

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