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Dream Co. Window Project | Yoeri Guépin: 表征 Super Sign

Opening: 5.19 , 16:00

Time: 2018.5.19 - 5.31

Address: D05, Middle Second Street, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang Distric, Beijing

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 19:00

Dutch artist Yoeri Guépin looks at the exchange and traveling of gestures and poses between different cultures and eras focussing on their appropriations and change of meaning through contextualizing them globally. For the presentation in Dreamco the artist will select material from his research he did in several plaster cast collections in European museums combined with the iconography used for study of posture in Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. The presentation in Dreamco, Guépin attempts to draw relations between copies of cultural artifacts making allegorical constellations, illuminating relations between past and present, East and West, object and subject.

My work has a strong emphasis on research and often involves historical trajectories of knowledge production such as archaeology, anthropology or the writing of history through objects. Through collecting and translating objects, artifacts and stories, their appropriation and re-contextualization, I aim at showing the governing structures of these systems, and how knowledge is represented through symbolic objects. I believe in the importance of artists working with cultural archives and the potential to activate objects in a way that politicize them in the present from a historical perspective. Central to my practice is working with collecting and the anthropological/archaeological museum collection as site of knowledge production and it’s historical vernacular to colonialism. Reanimating the archive means for me engaging with, and rethinking of the ecology of artifacts, or the systems of relationships that have connections to and surrounds them in the past as well as in the present. Working without any fixed medium, most of my works finally materialize in a performative setting involving elements of film, text or objects sometimes activated at a specific site.

—— Yoeri Guépin


Dream Co. is a composite space based in 798 Art District, Beijing. It combines the functions of art book store,alternative exhibition space and print-making studio. Dream Co. keeps forward by holding varieties of art activities, hoping to provide an easy and vigorous space for reading and seeing.

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