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New Resident: Marc Oosting

IFP welcomes Marc Oosting who is doing a 6-month residency supported by Mondriaan Fund.

One More Time Installation at Common Center, Seoul, Korea, 300 x 450 x 1600 cm. 2014

Marc Oosting works with a wide rang of media making sculptures, paintings, drawings, films, printed matter and/or installations that are very much text orientated. Signs and symbols can appear as objects, as graphic representations of space and time, as ornaments, as floorplans, as a typography, or as architectonic negative space to house other works.

CLOUD Silk screenprint on quartzite, 65,5 x 80 x cm, 2012

Via the play with text and its formal qualities Marc Oosting enables himself to engage with subjects as the role of display in contextualising objects, the relation between a copy and original, medium specifity, the economy of time and the idea of inter-dependency between an art work and its audience.

The artist says about his practice: "when I pick up a slab of granite I can feel its weight. But looking at a picture of that same slab I can only imagine its weight. This fundamental difference in 'knowing' is a concern in making work and in the reading and shaping of the context of the work.

HDEPOW Wichtige Fragen, acryl on fabrics, 260 x 160, 2016

During his stay at IFP Marc will work on a project called Important Questions.

Can I help you with something? Hast du ein probleim oder was? 뭘봐? Are you eyeballing me? Heb ik wat van je aan of zo? 你看什么看?

These are some of the questions that will be used by the artist for a series of paintings, knitted fabrics and tapestries. The questions refer to situations where one is aware of being watched by another and when a meeting of the eyes leads to discomfort.

006. Carpet Sketch, oil on linnen, 80 x 52 cm, 2017

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