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Artist Talk: Anna Peschke

Institute for Provocation is very glad to host an artist talk by Anna Peschke who was granted by Goethe Institute Beijing to do the residence program "Performing Arts" 2017.

The residency program intends to give the artist the opportunity to pursue her projects without economic pressure. In the period from early June to the end of July Anna Peschke will develop and deepen sustainable professional contacts and have the opportunity to explore new perspectives. Together with our partner Goethe Institute Beijing we welcome you to join the artist talk by Anna Peschke on 2nd June from 6 to 8 pm. Anna Peschke will introduce herself and her projects.

In 2009, Anna Peschke completed her degree in Applied Theater Studies in Giessen with a practical diploma by Heiner Goebbels. Since then, Peschke has been mainly working as a director in independent performance projects. These projects exceed the traditional limits of genre and create new forms in the interplay between performance, installation, staged concert, new music, and fine art. In 2012, she received the Berlin Opera Prize and in 2015, the Baden-Württemberg Theater Prize. She is currently working as a director in Europe and Asia.

In 2012, after a long artistic confrontation with experimental Peking Opera, Peschke directed the solo performance "Woyzeck - a performance with Peking Opera elements" that was created as an experimental and independent theater production (Frankfurt / Peking). In 2015, Anna Peschke was invited as the first Western director by the State Peking Opera Company (CNPOC) to stage “Faust” as a modern Peking Opera. It premiered in 2015 in Bolona as a co-production between the CNPOC and the Italian theater foundation Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (ERT).

During her residence in Beijing, Anna Peschke will focus on the "Ring of the Nibelung" as an experimental Peking Opera and will combine her poetic visual language of theater with Peking Opera. The RING will build on the innovative potential of "Woyzeck" and the complex experience of producing "Faust". Peschke worked on "Woyzeck" and "Faust" primarily as a director. Now she will apply her own artistic language more intensely by employing stage design, props, and video projection. This will create a visual equivalent on stage that meets the distinctive aesthetic of Peking Opera. Peschke will create collages for the RING, which will act as stage sets while also representing a visual springboard for the new dramatic texts written by Peschke and a dramaturge. In her theater projects, Peschke often uses self-made sculptures, materials and objects that not only turn into key actors, but also create complex spaces. In Peking Opera, objects have a great symbolic power. In the RING, Peschke creates objects that not only have a strong symbolic power, but which will also be brought to "dance" by the performers, thereby bringing these two aspects together.

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