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Talk by / with Ruth Noack – Beginning of Conversations

Institute for Provocation is extremely pleased to welcome you to join an informal talk and Q&A with Ruth Noack, curator of Documenta 12 on 20th April.

It is a contemporary given that cultures are replete with forms that have been transmitted from elsewhere. And most discourse on global art either assumes that this transmission has been easy and neutral or fraught and based on power relations. In the past decades, Ruth Noack does research and curates exhibitions around questions of cultures and cultural transfers, non-western discourses, politics, aesthetics and art. Ruth is going to structure the event firstly by giving a background of political and institutional transformation in Europe in the past decade, from Documenta 12 (2007) to the current 14th, and analyzing the three leitmotifs they addressed in Documenta 12: “Is modernity our antiquity?” “What is bare life?” And “What is to be done? Secondly, Ruth will unfold some of her recent concerns with presenting a paper about new internationalism. Questions are welcome to be raised by audience.

About Ruth Noack

Ruth Noack is an author, curator, art historian, art critic and lecturer. She was also curator of Documenta 12 in 2007. Exhibitions include Scenes of a Theory (1995), Things We Don’t Understand (2000), The Government (2005) and Not Dressed for Conquering – Ines Doujak’s Loomshuttles/Warpaths (2012). Notes on Crisis, Currency and Consumption (2015) was the first of a series of ten essay-exhibitions on issues of contemporary life. Next will be Sleeping with a Vengeance − Dreaming of a Life and Fragments and Compounds.Head of the Curating Contemporary Art Program, Royal College of Art, London (2012-13), she acted as Research Leader for the EU-project MeLa - European Museums in an age of migrations. Noack was Šaloun professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (2013-14) and lead the Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course in 2014. Since 2015, she is one of the core tutors of Dutch Art Institute.


Thursday, April 20 2017 8:00pm


@IFP Studio

Heizhima Hutong 13, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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