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IFP Session - Johan Kleinjan's Presentation

We warmly welcome you to join our artist presentation by Dutch artist Johan Kleinjan.

On Sunday 26th March IFP will host a public artist presentation by Johan Kleinjan who is currently doing artist in residency from January to July.

At this introduction event Johan Kleinjan will present sketches, drawings he made and collected during the first 2 weeks of the residency at the IFP, including images of scooter blankets that struck him most so far and portraits of the people he has encountered, etc. He will also show 3 publications he created during previous residencies in Japan, Taiwan and Russia.

And of course combining an artist talk, Johan will introduce his general practice and talk about the what, how and why of his residency project.

Sunday March 26, 5:30 pm

@Institute for Provocation

Heizhima Hutong 13, Dongcheng district 100009, Beijing

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