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Mu Xue: Mirror Tower - Artist's Video Essay Screening

IFP is very pleased to invite you to partake in the screening of Mu Xue's latest video work Mirror Tower, which is presented in The One Minutes.

Through an almost synesthetic approach, Mu visualizes the paradoxical co-existences between insignificance and value, to dispute the physical understanding of reality and its moral conventions while facing the intensified ideological confusion and identity struggle at present time of globalization. Critical social events inspire Mu as a catalyst rather than a subject - they accelerate the revelation of the intertwined relationships between the stories surface (the image) and its concealed cause (the dynamical truth). Through art making she wants to revive a mind space exploring the, infact, none-hierarchic and ever circulating being of things as a complex unity.

About Artist

MU Xue(b.1979Nanjing, CN) is a Visual Artist based in Amsterdam(NL) and Nanjing(CN). She is an alumni at de Rijksakademie Voor Beeldende Kunsten (2011-2012), Gerrit RietveldAcademie (2009) and Dutch Art Institute (2006). Between2013 and 2016 her projects have been presented at art institutions such as Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, de Appel Arts Centre, He Xiangning Art MuseumShenzhen, AMNUA Nanjing and Kunstverein Salzburg. Her most recent projects can be seen in Vienna (Fluc+Fluc 2016), Shenzhen (3rdIAB Shenzhen 2016). Singapore (YeoWorkshop 2017) and Amsterdam (Nieuw Dakota2017).

Time and Location:

March 16, 19:00

Heizhima Hutong 13, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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