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TAIFUN - Supervention with Michalis Nicolaides

During TAIFUN-Supervention, two works from Düsseldorf-based artist Michalis Nicolaides will be presented, one discussion will happen.

Through an online link between Beijing and Düsseldorf, the artist will make a live performance in which he interprets his own virtual presence in Black Sesame through drawing which are continuously projected back into to the space. With this setup, the video transmission creates a loop in which the space in Beijing and Düsseldorf become one; they emerge as both real spaces and abstract representations of the same space. Meanwhile, interference by the artist or the audience becomes an integral part of the work.

The second work, "Prometheus", on show in IFP Studio is another poetic fusion of real and virtual, spatial and representational.

Supervention 2016

An online performance between Beijing and Duesseldorf, video installation

Cameras, monitor, projector, Internet


Prometheus 2012

Video installation

Monitor, light

15 mins loop"

Michalis Nicolaides

1967 born in Nicosia, Cyprus, since 1987 residence in Germany. Michalis' works use videos as media basically and look for the relationship between the surrounding environment and the people, driven by curiosity. Performance can be often found in his works. Michalis’ performances are frequently recorded in videos or combined with video installation, as “live” performance.

TAIFUN an international art project by curator Lico Fang, acts as a medium and catalyst for cultural and intellectual exchange through 3-day art exhibitions, theater, screening, and literature events at specifically selected locations in Germany and other countries. It both transports heterogeneous points of view, concepts, and approaches and initiates dialogues and debates.


Fri Nov 04 6–9 pm


Sat Nov 05 | Sun Nov 06 4–8 pm

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