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Martijn Tellinga: 'songlines II' in Black Sesame Space

Originally conceived for a one-day event in May this year, Martijn Tellinga's site-specific sound installation ‘Songlines’ will again be installed in Black Sesame and open to the public for one week in the end of October. This time, the work is further developed through a series of instructive suggestions for movement and listening that are made available to the visitor in order to trace their personal songlines within the gallery. A flexible choreography invites you to experience the acoustical and spatial modulation of sounds and perception as shaped by the architecture of the space. During two live sessions dancer and choreographer Ai Kuo shares his interpretations of the instructions, guiding visitors into sensing resonance as a phenomenon being both physical and emotional.


Songlines are invisible pathways crossing all over the Australian continent, used to navigate distances of sometimes hundreds of kilometers by means of song. While moving, songs sung in certain sequence provide bearing to the singing traveler, describing former locations of landmarks or natural phenomena.

"Aboriginal Creation myths tell of the totemic being who wandered over the continent, singing out the name of everything that crossed their path - birds, animals, plants, rocks, waterholes - and so singing the world into existence." - Bruce Chatwin

In this site-specific installation, five pairs of speaker drivers are installed opposite of each other. Each pair bridges a dimension within the space and quietly emits an electronic tone that closely corresponds to a prominent acoustical resonance. Two voices occasionally match with the tones, causing acoustic ripples and melody to trace and connect the invisibly traversing lines within the space.

Voice by Maria Antonia Company Morell


Date & Time

October 24-30th, 2016. Open daily 11am to 6pm.

Guided Tour/Performance by dancer Ai Kuo:

October 27th, 6-9pm + October 30th, 3-7pm


Martijn Tellinga (1974, Netherlands) is an artist, composer and occasional performer. His practice renders an ongoing meditation on the rudimentary condition of the sonic arts. Employing a variety of means and drawn from a reduced formalist-seeming vocabulary, his work centers on the intuitive bending of (music) systems and the use of sound to express ideas of space, place and process. Thoroughly intertwining parameters of both aural and spatial perception, it enfolds aspects of concert, installation and performance art. It includes a wide variety of conceptual actions and chance operations, probing the emergent field between intended and accidental occurrences.

He performs and exhibits his work worldwide, lectures and works in residence. He is one of the curators for the long running series DNK-[amsterdam] and visiting professor at the Central Academy for Fine Arts in Beijing. He lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Beijing.

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