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Resident autumn 2016: Corinna Sigmund

IFP welcomes German writer Corinna Sigmund to Beijing for a 3-month residency supported by the Goethe Institut Peking.

Corinna Sigmund, 1982, is a german writer, based in Berlin. Her writing takes different forms such as theatrical work, scripts for graphic novel, short prose and essays. The work focuses on processes of failing in relationships and communications and takes interest in solitude and isolation as a crucial condition of any being-in-language. At IFP Corinna will continue to work on a project with the working title Home Coming that took shape while researching for a play development on »arrival« at Überzwerg Theater, Saarbrücken. Departing from interview-material that offered her research on migration and specifically conversations with two young chinese emigrants to Germany, she wants to develop a text that evolves around the feeling of being out-of-place. Disruption, speechlessness, echo (return) and an investigation on the metaphor of the ghost in chinese context will be topics to this work. Corinna studied comparative literature and philosophy in Munich, Paris and Bonn. She wrote a PhD on the notion of desire in text and writing processes while getting involved with psychoanalyst theory. She is a member of the Kölner Akademie für Psychoanalyse Jacques Lacan (KPJL). She wrote plays for theaters and keeps being involved in play-developments. For her play Hello-Goodbye which spins around the Hikikomori-phenomena and drafts the virtual, addictive relationship between two young people, she won the Förderpreis des Deutschen Jugendtheaterpreises. Bodybild, a play development concerned with body-images and hitting puberty, was invited to the AugenblickMal! Festival in Berlin. Her short story Pulsar, a miniature road-movie within the forlorn landscapes of Nagaland (India), was awarded the Bonner Literaturpreis. With her current longterm-project Lucia, a fictional biography about the dancer Lucia Joyce, she was invited to the Prosawerkstatt of the Literarische Colloquium Berlin.


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