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'Buffering...' + 'Waiting For Li Binyuan'

On the afternoon of 16th April, 2016, artist Li Binyuan will carry out a walking performance through the city.The starting point is Li Binyuan’s studio, located in a set of ruins near Heiqiao, and the finishing point at the Institute for Provocation at no. 13 Heizhima Hutong. His route will wind its way through the urban space of Beijing, from outside the 5th ring road to inside the 2nd ring road.

’Waiting for Li Binyuan’ will take place at the same time as ‘Buffering’, and will be carried out by those awaiting Li Binyuan’s arrival. The walking performance by Li Binyuan, together with the waiting performance of us are disturbing the public space, as a continous process of constructing and deconstructing the City In Waiting. Meanwhile, the act of consciously waiting sets our minds to work, alters our perception of time, and makes us find a new rationale for communicating with others. As a public art project, ‘Buffering’ and ‘Waiting for Li Binyuan’ constitute a process in which performance is transformed into exhibition. In the Black Sesame Space, the waiting area will be converted into an exhibition space with the conclusion of Li Binyuan’s journey, allowing the discourse regarding the project to continue and expand.

Saturday, April 16th from 1:30 pm in Black Sesame Space, Heizhima hutong 13

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