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New resident: Andreas Gedin (SE)

Andreas Gedin is an artist and PhD in Fine arts from Valand/Gothenburg University, currently works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He has made several exhibitions nationally and internationally since the early 1990's. His works combines an interest for ideas, communication, logistics, and text and power relations. Often his works interferes with given rules and can be presented in small actions, video, text, photography or “the best suited media”. His artistic practice also involves writing and curating.

The project in Beijing deals with the relation and supposed tension between public spaces and the common and the private and personal and between silence and sound and talk. The project will end up in a small book and an exhibition. The book will consist of a number of short essays on the topics mentioned above, including descriptions and reflections on different artistic interventions and other actions performed by the artist in Beijing. There will also be images in relation to the texts. Some of the essays and images will be displayed in an exhibition.

Andreas Gedin's residency at IFP is supported by IASPIS.

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