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Michiel Hilbrink in Black Sesame Space

What is happening outside?

Michiel Hilbrink

19 December till the 3rd of January

Black Sesame Space

Institute for Provocation

Heizhima hutong 13

Dongcheng District, Beijing

“All right, the earth hath bubbles.”

“That is a limiting existence to a place.”

“Yes, but we came to a tight curve.”

“Noticing a man who is outside of human.”

“You should modify their contours.”

“If you don’t mind reading the tambour?”

“With the smell of money in your hand.”

“But only the less that is strongest.”

“Nonetheless these are useful fictions.”

“You see, the future is a function of linear time.”

“It sounds like suspending physical and psychic activity.”

“Just check the dot at the lower left, and the dot next to that one,

a bit above it.”

“Unless there is a swarming of points.”

“Oh, the corybantic necessities.”

“While falling silent absolutely and entirely.”

“With the possibility to suspend.”

“Like an anonymous being, which sweats in them.”

“In the meantime the world is full of my forefathers.”

“And the times have been, than when the brains where out, the man would dye, and there an end; but now they rise again.”

“I am sorry, but the last one was one too many.”

“In case of a meso compound.”

“We had a change of the moon.

“Then it is full.”

“Don’t mind each falling sky.”

“Yeah, such petty affairs.”

“When the ‘there is’ takes form.”

“Or when the darkness fills it like a content.”

“There is the problem of having a body.”

“Let me have a presentational thought.”

“No, i am just leaving too soon and arriving too late.”

“It feels like there is no space for the future.”

“Omg, a god who punishes only the pious.”

“Understanding a phenomenon defined by what it negates.”

“Just let me hit a heavy ball into that wall.”

“Mmm, i only noticed by degrees that he turned me away from myself.”

“Hey, do you actually see distance?

“Only when he is clean and abstract.”

“It is a heavy atmosphere belonging to no one.”

“My, I can notice a murmur of silence.”

“Thanks to the gut economies.”

“Ok, where is the rest of me?”

“While preserving the lightness of a whim.”

“And yet when it stops and falls, the target quivers in the distance

and comes to meet it.”

“Referring to numbers and beings.”

“Please see my body as liminal.”

“As the composition of thinking.”

“Gazing from an infinite perspective.”

“And yet they are becoming imperceptible.”

“In the form of primitive accumulations.”

“He learned me seeing the body as a collectivity.”

“No, sorry, it is really vegetal-cosmic.”

“Thus magic, alchemy, and impossible creatures have never really disappeared.”

“To the lovely big data mining.

“And filling the unknowns in the map with replica”s of themselves.”

“Having trouble every day.”

“Hm, it must have been the metallic air you breathe.”

Michiel Hilbrink places sculptures in the exhibition space that are, as cryptic bodies, translations of everyday and personal moments. His installations could be interpreted as a sphere of constructed layers rather than an unequivocal statement. A practice in which the relationship between form and function is more or less non-hierarchical. Though lacking a physical mass, the connecting volumes of space between and around the sculptures function as bodies as well. Next to highly palpable materials, the installations are at times inhabited by sounds, animated projections or publications.

Architectural, symbolic and practical functional forms are appropriated and transformed into a kind of drawings in space; three dimensional silhouettes that are read differently when seen from another angle. Conclusions in material and form emanate from playing with word-material relationships and are affected by the actuality. When physical and mental experiences become interchangeable, words loosen their grip on meaning and start behaving like fluid material.

For a scheduled visit to the exhibition after the opening please contact +8613910214111 or

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