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I SEE - International Video Art festival at IFP November 9-10

Institute for Provocation is excited to present I SEE International Video Art Festival in the IFP Studio on November 9-10. The event will bring together video art from all over the world in a unique curated format with four screening programs.

The I SEE International Video Art Festival is an initiative of the artists Constantin Hartenstein and Clemens Wilhelm, launched in 2013. In 2015, the second edition of the I SEE International Video Art Festival will once again reveal the latest developments in contemporary video art. The festival was launched at Momentum in Berlin followed by screenings at IFP in Beijing, Timed Museum in Guangzhou and OCT Art & Design Gallery in Shenzhen to connect these four vibrant video art scenes.

Focusing on four main curatorial themes, the presented videos will give a fascinating insight into how artists deal with the current challenges and opportunities of the digitalized world we live in. The festival sets out to present ground-breaking video art works by emerging and well-known international artists who examine the impact of technological and aesthetic inventions.

Three screening programs - “THE END OF THE IMAGE AS WE KNOW IT”, “POST EVERYTHING”, “THE ANIMAL WITHIN” - present unique artistic approaches to animalistic instincts, the omnipresent influence of technology on society and concepts of post-futures. In addition, the program "AUTO ANALYSIS“ will present a selection of seven works from the Momentum Collection that explore the relationship between a subject and its self-perception

towards transformative environments.


Ulu Braun // Wojtek Doroszuk // Thomas Eller // Amir Fattal // Niklas Goldbach // James P Graham // Constantin Hartenstein // Mark Karasick // Yuan Keru // Map Office // Bjørn Melhus // Tracey Moffatt & Gary Hillberg // Neozoon // Erkka Nissinen // Li Ran // Franz Reimer // Julia Charlotte Richter // OQ Rizki Utama // Clemens Wilhelm // Lu Yang // Li Zhenhua

For more information about the four programs please visit:

Monday November 9th 19:00-22:00 Program 1 & 2

Tuesday November 10th 19:00-22:00 Program 3 & 4

Institute for Provocation

13 Heizhima hutong

Dongcheng District, BJ

Video stills (selection):

Amir Fattal - Atara

Niklas Goldbach - Land Of The Sun

Yuan Keru - Deity

Ulu Braun - Birds

Clemens Wilhelm - Simulacra

Constantin Hartenstein - Alpha

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