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BLACK - Yang Xinguang exhibition and performance in Black Sesame

Yang Xinguang will activate his work Black at 4pm this Sunday September 13th in Black Sesame Space. Using sound as the main medium, this spatial work connects the gallery space with its external environment. Black suggests acceptance and disguise - the experience of continuous inflation in a person’s body after having absorbed various information from society, the city and daily life. This is a black hole that we cannot see, linking the outside world with the self. Artist Yang Xinguang’s spatial and performance piece will generate a process which reminds us the presence of Black. Visitors are invited to respond on site to the experience of Black in their own ways. Sept 13th - 27th, 2015 Opening and performance Sunday, Sept 13th 4-7pm Black Sesame Space Heizhima hutong 13 Dongcheng District, Beijing

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