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‘Everyone Is A Curator?’ Clare Kenny Artist talk/seminar

July 25: Seminar and Opening of second exhibition

2 pm: Artist talk Clare Kenny /seminar: ‘Everyone Is A Curator’

For this artist talk and seminar, Clare Kenny will present her work as an artist and curator, followed by a panel discussion with the selected curators of the three shows as well as others who work with curation in various ways. The theme will be on the phenomenon of the ‘ubiquitously curated’, and the increasing interest from media and popular culture to work with artists and curators. The ambition is to open up a discussion around the two practices; how they overlap and what challenges today’s curators face when anyone (even Kanye West) can call themselves a curator for selecting a number of artworks and put them on display.

Speaker: Clare Kenny

Curators and critics: Xia Yanguo, Tianji Zhao

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