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Matter of Gradation II: notes and standstills - Charlott Markus solo exhibition in Black Sesame

We are delighted to invite you to IFP Saturday June 20th for the solo exhibition of resident artist Charlott Markus who has created a site-specific installation and environment in Black Sesame Space. At 4 pm the doors will open and Swedish midsummer snacks and drinks will be served.

Charlott Markus' exhibition in IFP's Black Sesame Space will be an installation that invites the audience into the artist's own, spatial collage of impressions, influenced by her surroundings and studies over the last six months. This collage/assemblage will be about composing the un-composed, to observe the everyday and to engage in movement within a standstill. On display will be a play with matter and a gradation of stages, a collaged platform not so distant from painting. An intuitive yet a careful assemblage, a choreography with materials, that will give hints of the artist's residency in Beijing.

“I am fascinated with the everyday arrangements and compositions that can be found in and around the hutongs of Beijing, more specifically the occurrence of textile in public space. The gray walls that dominated my initial perception of this city are still also very much present in the artist process, with their patchwork of over-painted posters and messages, manifesting a level of abstraction in our everyday lives. With their gray silence the walls talk about the hidden, the wordless and the mute. These collages are unspoken off and yet so present, becoming billboards of the long forgotten and the yet to be seen. Making a stretch from abstract expressionism into Chinese traditional medicine. In general it is about seeing, about contemplation and isolation and in the end about being patient enough to observe the smallest layers in our everyday whole.”

Charlott Markus is a Swedish-born artist based in Amsterdam. Since graduating from the Photography Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2007 she has exhibited extensively in the Netherlands and abroad. For the first half of 2015 she is artist-in-residence via the Mondriaan Foundation (NL) at Institute for Provocation.

Charlott Markus’ work often finds inspiration from a specific context or location, combined with historical references and symbolic language, loading every single detail in her photography and installations with meaning: Nothing is coincidental. A precise balance is tangible in Charlott Markus' work: an entity in-between color and form, order and chaos, narration and abstraction.

While her installations are often playing with layers and perspective aiming to reset the viewer's relation with the space, her carefully composed photography can be read like paintings or sculptural collages. Incorporating physical traces from past events and their related topics, Charlott Markus re-composes them into balanced formations with predominantly abstract, formal qualities. Thus she is not only investigating space color and form but exposing the underlying relations and structures in ourselves.

Opening: Saturday June 6th, 4pm

Black Sesame Space

Heizhima hutong 13

Dongcheng District Beijing


Max Gerthel tel: 18612838004

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