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Fragments, This Obscure Object of Desire

This weekend IFP will host a series of performances by the experimental shadow puppet theatre collective "La Cire Bleue". Please come early to get a seat for the show.

It arouses our curiosity, teases our senses, and sometimes shames us.

A shadow is a familiar stranger walking in our footsteps all life long, yet remaining elusive. It reveals a presence as much as an absence. It is what we imagine much more than what we see. It appears to be creeping up in scary places yet it only manifest itself in the light.

Behind the curtain is what we wish to see : behind the screen is what cannot be seen.

This obscure object of desire.

La Cire Bleue presents a collection of short shadow scenes, in an intimate setting, exploring our individual and collective journey through sexuality and erotism.

A 20 minutes « entresort » performed by a collective of eclectic artists for twenty blissful peeping toms.

3 shows per night for 2 nights. Taking place inside a Taoist temple, between a performing space and a bar; to share a 3 shows per night for 2 nights. Join us to share a drink, a secret, a fantasis or a shameful thought.

Dates: Saturday-Sunday May 30-31st, 2015

Performance 1: 19:00

Performance 2: 20:00

Performance 3: 21:00

Venue: IFP Studio and installations outside in the courtyard

Heizhima hutong 13

Dongcheng district


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