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IFP/Croisements Workshop: Julien Maire


Optical, mechanical and kinetic experiments

Julien Maire, invited to complete a residency at the Institute for Provocation, continues his research in China into what he calls "cinema in relief", a method of projecting images, printed in volume.

Thanks to 3D stereolithographic printing (provided by Formlabs) a computer-generated image that was a digital abstraction, now takes on a tangible form. The output born of this process appears to us today in an unedited format. Our senses are disturbed - these objects defy all traditional manufacturing models.

Julien experiments with traditional shadow theatre techniques and a creation of volume, as well as in the movement of designs in bas-relief. He has written a screenplay and directed a new projection that uses 3D prints and the employment of techniques that are simultaneously optical, mechanical and kinetic, resulting in an experience that disturbs our senses and our perception of reality.

Workshops given by Julien Maire:

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanics, electronics and (more recently) computing to create programmable mechanical machines. For more than 10 years, Julien Maire has mastered and used in unexpected ways advanced technologies such as CNC mills, laser cutters, precision optics, etc. Today, 3D printers are naturally also part of his toolbox.

In this workshops, Julien will introduce his own way of working with 3D animation and 3D printing, combined with projector and mechanical components. Participants will work together with the artist in developing and building digitally controlled machines which will become part of the exhibition in Black Sesame Space.


Workshop 1: 3 May - 3D-printing and Cinema

In this workshop we will use 3D-animation software to develop a scene with movement and animation. Then we will print out frames of the animation that become a form of shadow play when projected. The workshop will introduced participants to 3d design, mechatronic and 3D Printing. (Each participant need to bring a laptop Mac or Windows)

the 3D stereolithographic printing is sponsored by Formlabs


Workshop 2 : 10 May - Persistence of Vision

This workshop will develop a small installation called “Secret Messenger” using LED-lights that produce text when in motion. The text, first only visible as blinking lights becomes readable when photographed with long exposure. The participants will engage in some basic coding and mechanics, 3d design and 3D printing to build and programme the LEDs panels.

the 3D stereolithographic printing is sponsored by Formlabs

Workshop 3: Machine Hacking

This workshop will reuse discarded electronic hardware like a printer,scanner which, combined with digital fabrication will be reprogrammed and transformed into a new machine with new capabilities. Participants will deconstruct the existing hardware and use its parts to re-imagine its use and create a new type of machine.

Each Participant are invited to bring theyr own Laptop and to bring a broken electronic machine ( printer, scanner , cd player etc )

the 3D stereolithographic printing is sponsored by Formlabs

All the workshops are free but registration is required.

Please send a brief introduction of yourself or CV/portfolio to:


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