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g = 0

Welcome to IFP this Sunday for the opening of a site-specific installation by Chinese young artist Wen Zhu.

"g" is the name derived from the measurement of acceleration in free fall.

Water fills all kinds of containers. So we consider the shape of water the same as a cup or the endless sea. But when "g" loses all weight and becomes 0, water breaks down into drops. It seems only in this moment they could act as themselves, since a drop is the smallest unit of water.

When striking the surface of a drum, each drop makes its own sound, and gathers again forming a new shape, then evaporates. They seem to have disappeared, but they never will disappear or exist.

In the installation g=0 the artist investigates the nature of gravity by the means of composing a rhythmic score. A series of instruments are activated by the orchestrated force, as their beats resonate through the walls, floor and ceiling of the space. Sound begins and continues, visitors step into an automated concert performed by mechanic devices regulating flows of liquids with close precision. A spotlight turns on, fades out then shifts, and the show goes on. Self-educated artist Wen Zhu (1987) engages in computer programming, mechanical equipment and natural elements to form simple yet complex works of installation, performance, animation and sound art. His works examines the impact of technological amplifications in a critical and humorous way, at the same time explores the physicality of natural forces through sound and rhythm. He lives and works in Beijing.

Duration: April 19 - 30

Opening April 19th, 4pm

Other hours open by appointment.

Contact: Max Gerthel Tel 18612838004

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