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Storytelling - Liu Chengrui's Langcang River project

You’re cordially invited to Heizhima Hutong courtyard this Saturday for a night of storytelling.

After dark, let us gather on the floor around a stove, and allow the storyteller to take us from the riverside through the grassland to the foot of snowcapped mountains — gradually going further away into the distance as we follow his voice and facial expressions.

This is a story without text and images but it is a living story, please respect it and do not use your phones or any other device to document. Let us preserve this night in spring with our senses, and pass on everything that we hear, see, and feel to people who could not be present through a word of mouth, by retelling the stories.

Saturday April 4th 8pm (20:00)

IFP Studio, Heizhima Hutong 13

Tales from the River Source - from Lancangjiang Project

Lancangjiang Project is a story made up of many other stories. I marked a point at the river's source, and from there began my search for rivers and blind children. There was no need to invent stories as it all began with real actions. My encounters and the events that occurred along the journey — people, objects, animals, weather, altitude, etc, took place one after another as the way water flows downstream. Some stories were recorded through images and text, others were only stored in memory, impossible to visualize or preserve. That is why there is always an urge to tell stories after they occurred, and always hoping the stories could materialize in our imagination through telling and listening, and be preserved in memory. Oral storytelling is the oldest and most beautiful form of communication.

— Liu Chengrui

Lancangjiang Project

Liu Chengrui will sail from the source of Lancang river (Zaduo County, Yulshul, Qinghai), follow the river's branches to look for blind children and 19 nameless rivers. Name the nameless rivers with the blind childrens' names, and upload to Google Earth.

And cure the blind children's eyes if their guardian agree so.

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