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Endless Portraits by Nicolas Clauss at Black Sesame

Join us this Wednesday March 18th for the opening of Nicolas Clauss: Endless Portraits (Beijing).

Endless Portraits is a series of portraits in motion filmed around the world. Presented on large vertical monitors, these are portraits of a new genre exploring the extension of images through time - eternally expanding moments. They have neither beginning nor end and replay indefinitely, according to a generative writing, consisting only of a few seconds of film. For his exhibition in IFP’s Black Sesame Space, Nicolas Clauss will present new work produced during his residency at IFP during the 2015 Fête de la Francophonie.

It is after having discovered the potentiality of computer programming and algorithms that Nicolas Clauss decides to shift from painting to digital art. Videos, photo, sound and textures are mixed in a new creation process in which machines and tools are not the focal point but are means of serving the artist. He takes matter, works on it, plays with it, transforms it, destroys it and recomposes it, pushing the limits of painting. He questions video as a media, its visual values and duration, notably with Random Videographies. Videography: because the filmed media is studied and explored in its temporal and spatial dimensions (alike a map or a landscape). Random: because the modes of exploration of these videographies are based on free running algorithms. Video thus becomes a moving landscape, pictorial or not, without a beginning or an end, in which time is stretched.

Opening Wednesday, March 18th, 4 pm

Exhibition open until March 22nd.

Open daily 12 - 6pm by appointment.


Max Gerthel 晓麦


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