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Maurice Bogaert exhibition in Black Sesame

Strange Tales From My Chinese Studio (or A Script For a Work I Didn't Make, Yet)

Sunday December 14th IFP resident artist Maurice Bogaert will present his project "Strange Tales From My Chinese Studio (or A Script For a Work I Didn't Make, Yet)", a publication and a site-specific spatial installation in Black Sesame. Working from a notion of the city as a living being, the artist has been collecting scenes from everyday life in Beijing, narrated from the perspective of an anonymous viewer. This collection of scenes are put together in a small publication with dual contingency: It can be read as a finished work, a literary work or an artist book; or as a script for another work, carried out in another media in another place at another time. As a counterbalance to the lightness of words on paper, Maurice has created an spatial intervention in the Black Sesame gallery. Using standard drywall elements, the artist sets up a scene which transforms parts of the space into a new, mystified object which also can be seen as a map of Beijing, or a generic Chinese City. Opening Sunday Dec 14th, 4 pm Exhibition runs December 14th - 21st Black Sesame Space Heizhima hutong 13 Dongcheng District, Beijing

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