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During BJDW 2014 Black Sesame will host a series of events as collaborative explorations of the intersection of art, design and performance. On different occasions during the week, artists are invited to engage with the space and create site-specific happenings together with the the hosts of Black Sesame, ranging from improvised performances to installations or discussions. For more detailed information, please visit


Friday 9/26 (noon till sundown)

“As Big As a Sesame” Exhibition I:

Liu Chengrui "Amde"

周五 9/26 (日中到日落)

《芝麻大小》 展览一:刘成瑞 《安多》

Saturday 9/27 (16:00)

An introduction to Visual Anthropology: Ethnography for Design Thinking by Adel Andalibi

Sunday-Monday 9/28-9/29 (opening Sun 16:00)

“As Big As a Sesame” Exhibition II:

Alessandro Rolandi "All of This Happened...More or Less

Wednesday-Thursday 10/1-10/2 (opening Sun 16:00)

“As Big As a Sesame” Exhibition III:

Han Wuzhou "Coat of the Winds"

Friday 10/3 (from 18:00 on)

Speed-dating for Designers and Artists + Closing Party

'Speed-dating for designers and artist' will be a networking/flirting event taking inspiration from speed-dating to set up a social game for designers/artists/creatives to couple and work creatively together to perform specific tasks. After one round, the pairs are shifted again to create new constellations and creative statements. Applicants can sign up for free

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