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The Institute For Provocation is delighted to present a one-night solo exhibition Etcetera by visiting artist Stéphane Blumer (b.1985, Geneva, CH lives and works in London, UK).

Over the past two months this multidisciplinary artist has engaged in a multi-channel dialogue with the social environment in BJ, resulting in a myriad of exciting new work. He will be showing artworks ranging from video & performance to objects, all of which were informed by his research residency at IFP on the cross-cultural communication, overlaps of language, self-censorship and humour.

Among them is Messenger 传话 - a relay of interactions with tourists and locals around the immensely popular alley nanluoguxiang. The video work captures 100 individuals filming themselves with a mobile phone, repeating the message recorded by the previous messenger. The work becomes a contradictory display where the original message of contrived platitudes dissolve and mutate into personal meaning.

Please join us for this event Tuesday 25 February from 5pm onwards for a cocktail.

There will be a live performance at 7pm.

With the support of ProHelvetia

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