Next month IFP will host a workshop with resident artist Stéphane Blumer (Switzerland/United Kingdom).

Under Humour

Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 February 2014

Under Humour is a free workshop during which the participants will explore a variety of humour and cross-cultural interactions. The interest of the workshop will be to focus on the particular Humour that makes us laugh or smile but also and mainly that makes us question the world we are part of.

During half a day, the participant will be engaging in:

- A small presentation by Stéphane Blumer on the different category of humour and their functions.

- A round-table discussion comparing and challenging Western and Chinese humorous cultures.

- A series of staged experimental sketches in small groups interacting with each other’s led by the artist. These sketches will be filmed and developed into a video artwork.

The goal of the workshop is to make the participants engage with a particular humour within contemporary art practices, when humour turns your own established world upside down by raising self-consciousness. Humour as a dissenting and subtle action. This workshop will give you some tools to question what is humour, how to use it and moreover how to invoke it.

The workshop is voluntary and open to everyone; no particular skills are required, there will be a simultaneous interpreter English-Mandarin. Participants can either join for 1 or 2 days, knowing that both days will hold the same workshop.

Inscriptions are open from now at


1st Day, Saturday 22 February 2014, 1pm - 6 pm

2nd Day, Sunday 23 February 2014, 1pm - 6 pm

The workshop will be held in English and Chinese; interpretation will be available. Participants can either join for 1 or 2 days, knowing that both days will hold the same workshop.

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