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In this lecture-presentation Kristiina Koskentola will discuss her recent works in China, in which she is engaging in direct dialogue and negotiation with her social environment, interacting and departing from specific socio-cultural conditions, moments in time, materiality and rituals. Her research-based installations are exploring their transformative potential in relation to her experimental observations in order to produce alternative narratives and new, unexpected frames of reference.

She will delve into the relationships between the human and non-human, the material and immaterial, and the social and the physical and reflect on the importance of local knowledge within her practice and on the ways her installations might allow meaning to traverse cultural geographies and other realms.

Finnish born visual artist Kristiina Koskentola divides her time between Amsterdam and Beijing. She is critically engaged with nomadic subjectivity. Currently, Koskentola is working on practice based Ph.D. research at the Chelsea College/ University of the Arts in London.


The 4 channel HD video installation Rituals to Mutations (2013) traverses across of images and sounds: from the desolate landscapes of suburban Beijing to a forgotten Buddhist temple and the ritual of incense-burning, the cleaning of the holy vessels and burning rubbish in them, coexist with the actions of making balls out of the deposit of coal piles.

IFP studio, Saturday November 16th 6pm

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