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This month, IFP is very happy to host Tove Sahlin and Dag Andersson who together form the dance company Shake It Lab. They are in Beijing for two weeks invited by IFP and will be performing two pieces in collaboration with Penghao Theater


Swedish choreographer and dancer Tove Sahlin presents the solo piece “My Own Bodies” at Penghao theater on October 23rd and 26th. Part of the performance is a workshop where part of the audience is invited to adapt and gradually take over the piece through a three-day workshop.

The solo piece is one part of a conceptual and participatory performance in which the original piece is first performed in front of a larger audience and then modified together with a smaller group of participants, and then performed again, now as “My Own Bodies – All Stars”. During the process, the participants will observe, criticize, test, copy, demolish, reconstruct and finally appropriate the piece and make it their own.

My Own Bodies - Solo: Oct 23rd, 7.30 pm

My Own Bodies - All Stars, performance and artist talk: Oct 26th, 2-4 pm

If you are interested in joining the workshop and be a part of My Own Bodies - All Stars, please contact Tove Sahlin:


On November 2nd and 3rd, Tove will also perform "Roses and Beans", together with Dag Andersson at Penghao Theater.

Roses and Beans is a social event and a performance on how love is organized and lived. With rosy cheeks, flirty bodies and occasional love songs, sung to the rhythm of a strict march, the performers bang our heads into the kitchen sink meanwhile they investigate the couple relationship as an

institution and the template of success. The performers invite you to a private party in an empty living room with twinkling eyes, sharp elbows and soft hearts.

The performance has been touring internationally since the premiere in June 2010. It is an easy set up in foyers, galleries, classrooms, conference halls, museums, livening rooms and clubs.

Nov 1st, 6 pm


Penghao Theater

35 Dongmianhua Hutong, off Nanlouguxiang


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