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Sayizheng: a dream, a seizure, a hot storming day in a market. An exhibition.

What: Sayizheng

When: 2013.8.11 9:00-20:00

Where: Rundeli Market


Han Wuzhou

Wang Yifan

Alessandro Rolandi

Tianji Zhao

Pilar Escuder

Max Gerthel

Shi Jing

Gao Ling

He Jian

Cai Dongdong

Feng Hao

Chen Shuyu

Paper Tiger Studio

Ma Yongfeng

Maja Bekan

Angela Serino


Gua Zi

What happens when artworks fall from pedestals into a living space? What happens when artists step out of the art market and into a food market?

A one-day group exhibition took place last Sunday in the biggest open market within Beijing’s second ring. Tucked away inside the hutongs, 16 works appeared, disappeared, and reappeared throughout the day in different corners of the bustling complex. Under the watchful eyes “from above” as well as from the people below, visitors were asked to come disguised as a buyer and do their Sunday shopping.

A publication and a short documentary are in the making...

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