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And on 26th and 27th of May, Serge Onnen is going to perform his new piece in Beijing Paper Tiger Theater studio, Value Of Nothing. For this series of performances Serge Onnen who has done several shadow and music performances in Europe will for the first time use the ancient colorful chinese techniques originally from around Beijing. Some special figures made from the traditionally donkey skin, where made in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Han Feizi Drama Club for this performance.

The title of the performance is half a quote by the british playwriter Oscar Wilde; " He who knows the price of everything, known the value of nothing". What does this means in the light of trash? Things without value become trash. Trash are the things that have no use or value to us. But has a price when it becomes a way of living.

The audience enter the space. In the centre of the space; a very big white luminous ball. Like a very big lantern on the floor. Sounds and light come out of this lamp. Inside this 3ø meter ball two people are sitting at a small round table, artist Serge Onnen and a musician invited. They make music, shadows and drink. 3 ways of socializing when one is not familiar with each others language. They communicate about trash.

For this performance, Serge is going to collaborate with musician Wu Na(musician, Gu QIn player, Saturday), and Song Zhao (cello, Sunday)

And in June, Serge is going to collaborate with theater director, Tian GeBing to make a new performance, A Madman's Diary, which is based on the famous short story by Lu Xun.

Please find the map of how to get to Paper Tiger in the link of more, as below.

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